“When I went to Dr. Pascual I know I had gained more weight than ever before. My clothes did not fit. I looked and felt terrible, but what I did not know until I got on the scale at her office is that I had nearly reached 200 pounds. I have been a Television News Reporter for 16 years. Maintaining an ideal weight is very important for my career. Besides that, there is an unfortunate history of obesity and diabetes in the women of my family. My grandmother passed away on dialysis. My aunt suffers from diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease since her 50′s. My mother struggles with diabetes. Losing weight was not just a matter of image it was a matter of health and quality of life as I raise my two children. I needed a fast and effective plan to get me back on track. Dr.Pascual’s Weight Loss is the most amazing weight loss program I have ever found, and I had tried just about everything throughout the years. The plan is easy, healthy, sensible, and quite honestly, what I wanted most, FAST and EFFECTIVE! People talk about 500 calories, a day, dieting on their own, but what they don’t realize is that through years of research Dr. Pascual offers the most effective and healthy diet. She has thoroughly researched the latest findings and has trained her supportive staff very well. She always gave me confidence that together we would reach our goal, and we did! After losing 40 pounds, she has a very detailed maintenance plan. It’s been almost a year and I have kept it off. I am thrilled to have found in Dr. Pascual the best ally for my life-long challenge to maintain an ideal weight for my looks and my health! I get compliments every day. I can’t explain how great that feels! *

Ana CuervoTelemundo News Reporter