HCG Diet


hCG, the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein found in human tissue of the liver, lungs, and stomach. hCG, contains 244 amino acids and is present in abundance in the placenta of pregnant females. HCG is also produced naturally by non-pregnant females and males in low quantities.

When hCG is injected for weight loss, it allows the patients to drastically reduce the amount of food they require to full and maintain their energy levels through the day. Many practices still use the original hCG diet, which includes the hCG diet loading, burning and maintenance phases. While we absolutely focus on long term weight loss maintenance, we prescribed a much healthier diet alternative, based on changing the eating habits of patients for life.

During the Weight Loss Program, we take it a step further by tailoring every aspect of the program to each patient based on medical history, cause of weight gain, and psychological factors. We believe in treating the entire cause of weight gain, not only the dietary aspect, in order to achieve fast, long lasting results.

Dr. Pascual
Cosmetic Surgeon and Weight Loss Specialist

We proudly offer patients ongoing support throughout the process, by way of a clinic buddy, our virtual consultation program, and weekly follow ups with each patient. We are relentless when it comes to communication as we firmly believe that forming a strong patient relationship is thee catalyst that sets our program apart from others on the market today.

The program begins during our initial consultation. Aside from ordering blood work and other testing, we discuss medical history, causes for weight gain, both physical and psychological, and tailor a weight loss program designed to fit each patient’s unique life style.

The diets we create zero in on the burning of fat stored in the body, while preserving lean muscle mass and supporting a healthy lifestyle. We do not want anyone going hungry; in fact most of our patients say they are eating more than they have ever before!


The short answer is that patients who choose the hCG diet feel less hungry, and have the added benefit of correcting hormone imbalances which may impede the metabolic processes of the body. Eating less as a result of feeling “full” longer, while preserving muscle mass, and “jump starting” the metabolism result in rapid weight loss in hCG patients.

Hormonal imbalances or deficiencies are often the cause or big part of the reason behind the patient’s initial weight gain. Often corrected with hCG injections which also aid the weight loss process by reducing feelings of hunger, or “hunger pangs” while dieting, and allowing the body to maximize hormone production and balance.

Hormones control three major factors in weight management: hunger, energy, and cravings. Correcting this imbalance jump starts the patient’s metabolic systems, clearing the way for the rapid weight loss possible with the hCG diet.

Patients taking hCG have the added advantage of muscle preservation during weight loss. This means that during the diet, patients burn the accumulated fat stores while preserving muscle integrity and mass.

hCG, when coupled with the appropriate diet, can yield amazing results. It is important to understand how to optimize its actions by administering it safely and effectively; hCG is a prescription drug. The hCG utilized in our practice is a derivative of sterile sources and prepared by reputable, FDA approved pharmacies located in the USA.


HCG Weight LossOverweight people who are otherwise in good health can be considered ideal patients for the use of hCG diet injections for weight loss. We ask our patients to commit to losing weight and to focus on improving their life in many aspects, not just their diet. Patients on our program are also asked to establish positive inter-personal relationships with others who are also losing weight regardless of method, as well as to take responsibility over their decision to lose weight at keep it off. Accountability is a major part of our program.

Pregnant women, patients with cancer, depression, and certain kinds of diabetes are not suitable candidates. Additional findings of importance noted in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or gout have stated that symptoms improved greatly while taking hCG injections and discontinuing medications originally prescribed to treat their symptoms.

It should be noted that in the event a patient is not a candidate for hCG, we have several effective therapies available to weight loss patients.


As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important components of the weight loss options at Jolie Plastic Surgery is a strong doctor-patient relationship. We keep in constant contact with our patients via weekly visits, as well as though the assignment of a “clinic buddy”. The clinic buddy is there for patients when they feel confused, tempted, or frustrated. By establishing an on-demand support system, our patients have constant positive reinforcement as well as a wealth of information at their fingertips throughout the entire program. Not sure about how to read the label on a bottle of salad dressing? The clinic buddy can tell you which dressing works best with the program.

In addition to the clinic buddy, patients are given a written a-z guideline which was written by the team to be used as a tool during the diet and beyond. We also use a virtual platform where patients who are unable to make their weekly visit, can stay on track without having to physically come in to the office. Patients are also asked to monitor themselves daily and to note all changes, including setbacks which we can address during your visits.

We frown upon crash diets. While some may yield fast results, crash or fad diets are not usually safe, and are painfully ineffective at yielding long term results. While patients are on our program, they learn which foods are best for keeping them full the longest, and which foods are to be avoided.

Our patients are taught to self-monitor accurately and are given the scientific knowledge behind why some food combinations and exercises work while others don’t. Together with our patients, we explore the “why” behind their weight gain, learn how to undo the damage of the past, and prevent weight gain in the future. We strive for fast, safe, long lasting results with each patient.


We realize that several doctors in Miami distribute hCG and have weight loss programs. What sets us apart is Dr. Amaryllis Pascual’s diet plan. Dr. Pascual spent many years researching and implementing different plans for weight loss, she has drawn the most effective parts of those programs and combined them into one “super program”.

While the prescribed diet is effective on its own, when combined with medical weight loss options, such as the hCG diet, the results experienced are significantly higher in relation to weight loss amount per day .

The original hCG Diet Plan Food List was extremely limited, and is considered unhealthy by today’s dietary standards, due to a lack of vital nutrients needed to support life. The opposite is true of Dr. Pascual’s hCG diet plan; patients often report a “glow” being returned to their skin, in addition to losing weight without ever going hungry.


The most noted benefit of using hCG for weight loss is the reduction in overall appetite, feelings of hunger, and cravings. Once these dietary pitfalls are reduced or altogether eliminated, patients find it easy to stay on their diets and follow the guidelines set forth by the Weight Loss Program. hCG has also been found to correct hormonal imbalances which cause weight gain and prevent the burning of fat stores.

When hCG is combined with a diet which targets fat-loss, the weight loss results are significantly higher for those individuals who follow strictly the Dr instructions. Patients could lose around 20 pounds in a short period of time, although results can vary by patients.



The most common side effect reported while on the hCG diet is headache, which is largely due to the change in eating habits. Other reported side effects include irritability, restlessness, and fatigue. Most of the time these are all due to the change in eating habits, and are usually gone within a couple of days, however should they persist, the Weight Loss Team is here to address concerns and adjust the program as needed.


Thanks to our virtual doctor’s office, patients from all over the US can “sit down” with Dr. Pascual for a consultation, as well as continued medical supervision.

Life changing, fast, effective weight loss is only a click away thanks to the innovative doxy.me platform allowing us to engage patients virtually; the Weight Loss Program is open to anyone in the continental United States who desires the very best in medical weight loss care.

Schedule a consultation where we discuss your weight loss goals, the programs we offer, the causes of your weight gain and your medical history. If you are a candidate, Dr. Pascual will order your medication be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days. We ship you foods, guidelines, and supplements, and schedule our follow up appointment the next week. Should any questions arise in the meantime, simply check into the virtual wait room and Dr. Pascual will assist you as soon as she is available.

As with our local patients, our virtual patients are given the same food guidelines, measures, and personalized attention.

A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care. By taking advantage of technological advances, we have the opportunity be at the forefront of medical weight loss solutions by expanding our service offerings to share our insights with patients independent of their geographical location.


Contact us and find out for yourself if our program is right for you. Consultations are kept confidential, and provide valuable insight to both patient and doctor as to the cause of weight gain. Our programs are unique in that they are custom-made for each individual patient. Lose weight safely and rapidly thanks to the many years of research behind our approach.

You have the added benefit of a renowned specialist in Dr. Amarillys Pascual, who is extremely passionate about weight loss and dedicated to each patient.

Become a healthier happier you. Our approach focuses on patient satisfaction while yielding rapid weight loss time and time again, in a safe manner. We encourage potential patients to take advantage of our program which is competitively priced and proven to be highly effective.