Dr. Amarillys Pascual: hCG Diet Consultation

Dr. Amarillys Pascual: hCG Diet Consultation at Jolie Plastic Surgery

Thanks to our virtual doctor’s office, patients from all over the US can “sit down” with Dr. Pascual for a consultation, as well as continued medical supervision.

Life changing, fast, effective weight loss is only a click away thanks to the innovative doxy.me platform allowing us to engage patients virtually; the Weight Loss Program is open to anyone in the continental United States who desires the very best in medical weight loss care.

Schedule a consultation where we discuss your weight loss goals, the programs we offer, the causes of your weight gain and your medical history. If you are a candidate, Dr. Pascual will order your medication be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days. We ship you Jolie foods, guidelines, and supplements, and schedule our follow up appointment the next week. Should any questions arise in the meantime, simply check into the virtual wait room and Dr. Pascual will assist you as soon as she is available.

As with our local patients, our virtual patients are given the same food guidelines, measures, and personalized attention.

A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care. By taking advantage of technological advances, we have the opportunity be at the forefront of medical weight loss solutions by expanding our service offerings to share our insights with patients independent of their geographical location.

hCG With Dr. Pascual Jolie Plastic Surgery

Book your consultation with the Jolie Weight Loss team and find out for yourself if our program is right for you. You can book a virtual consolation or come to one of our convenient locations and meet the team in the flesh. Consultations are kept confidential, and provide valuable insight to both patient and doctor as to the cause of weight gain. Our programs are unique in that they are custom-made for each individual patient. Lose weight safely and rapidly thanks to the many years of research behind our approach.

At Jolie, you have the added benefit of a renowned specialist in Dr. Amarillys Pascual, who is extremely passionate about weight loss and dedicated to each patient.

Join the Jolie Weight Loss program and become a healthier happier you. Our approach focuses on patient satisfaction while yielding rapid weight loss time and time again, in a safe manner. We encourage potential patients to take advantage of our program which is competitively priced and proven to be highly effective.

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