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Amaryllis Pascual: hCG Diet Plan Food List

At Jolie with Amaryllis Pascual we realize that several doctors in Miami distribute hCG and have weight loss programs. What sets us apart is Dr. Amaryllis Pascual’s diet plan. Dr. Pascual spent many years researching and implementing different plans for weight loss, she has drawn the most effective parts of those programs and combined them into one “super program”.

While the prescribed diet is effective on its own, when combined with medical weight loss options, such as the hCG diet, the results experienced are significantly higher in relation to weight loss amount per day .

The original hCG Diet Plan Food List was extremely limited, and is considered unhealthy by today’s dietary standards, due to a lack of vital nutrients needed to support life. The opposite is true of Dr. Pascual’s hCG diet plan; patients often report a “glow” being returned to their skin, in addition to losing weight without ever going hungry.

Benefits of hCG Weight Loss Program

The most noted benefit of using hCG for weight loss is the reduction in overall appetite, feelings of hunger, and cravings. Once these dietary pitfalls are reduced or altogether eliminated, patients find it easy to stay on their diets and follow the guidelines set forth by the Jolie Weight Loss Program. hCG has also been found to correct hormonal imbalances which cause weight gain and prevent the burning of fat stores.

When hCG is combined with a diet which targets fat-loss, the weight loss results are significantly higher for those individuals who follow strictly the Dr instructions. Patients could lose around 20 pounds in a short period of time, although results can vary by patients.

hCG Weight Loss

Possible hCG Diet Side Effects

The most common side effect reported while on the hCG diet is headache, which is largely due to the change in eating habits. Other reported side effects include irritability, restlessness, and fatigue. Most of the time these are all due to the change in eating habits, and are usually gone within a couple of days, however should they persist, the Jolie Weight Loss Team is here to address concerns and adjust the program as needed.

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